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Ishe-share lang po ang Article na ito in connection with the BOC Random Checking.  Salamat po!!

MANILA (UPDATED) - The Bureau of Customs (BOC) will no longer randomly open balikbayan boxes, the bureau announced Monday night.

The BOC, in a press statement, said the decision was made after President Aquino met with Customs chief Alberto Lina and Cesar Purisima earlier in the day.

"[Aquino] emphasized that OFW families view the balikbayan box as an integral part of the family relationship to nurture loved ones at home and as a tangible sign of their love and concern for their family members," the bureau said.

To prevent tampering or theft of the content of balikbayan boxes, Aquino ordered the Bureau of Customs to immediately do the following:

"First, there will be no random or arbitrary physical inspection of balikbayan boxes. Moving forward, all containers of balikbayan boxes should undergo mandatory x-ray and K-9 examination--at no cost to the sender or the OFW," the statement said. "Only in cases where there are derogatory findings from the x-ray or K-9 examination will there be a physical inspection of goods."


Please check.

Latest information

Area is limited.I am working hard with no weight limit.

               Private pickup

You, click on the picture of the track.

Of private pickup, to the door, it will move.

One BOX One Fukuyama voucher

Heavy luggage, to help track.



The AMANO CARGO, I will send it out by Fukuyama.

BOX Weight:Up to 80kg

  BOX Size  Fukuyama: JUNBO    76cmX55cmX64cm(80kg)                          Sagawa  HALF ①76cmX55cmX33cm(50kg)                                         ② 37cmX55cmX63cm(50kg) 

I can afford more heavy, extra fee will be charged.
In addition, Also available Seino, Sagawa Express.If you are in doubt, contact us We will wait.


* You can not send rice. *

Number is changed FAX. 020-4623-2350



To send your baggage, please FAX to above number.
Or send to this E-mail address:


kent planning cargo
Delivery Rates

Delivery Rates


Manila(Half) 6900yen 

2 in 1(Halfx2)9900yen


BOX Size Jumbo  :  76x55x64(cm)

          Half    :  76x55x33(cm)  

              : 37x55x63(cm)

Telephone number          



: 080-7981-5101(Softbank phone  JP & Tagalog)  

: (Softbank phone JP)       

: 080-3377-3334(Softbank phone Tagalog 18:00~24:00)



Additional Provinces Rates                                         

Bulacan , Cavite , Rizal, Antipolo                

500 yen


Laguna , Pampanga                                      

1000 yen


Bataan , Batangas , Tarlac , Nueva Ecija , Zambales , Olongapo , Pangasinan  

1500 yen


Baguio , Abra , Lucena , Cagayan , Tuguegarao , Bicol , Ilocos , Norte/Sur , Kalinga Prov , Isabela , La Union , Quzon Prov

1800 yen

Cebu , Negros Occ/Oriental , Bohol , Iloilo

2300 yen

Davao , General Santos , Agusal  dei sur/Nort , Surigao del Sur , Surigao del Norte , Zamboanga , Cagayan de Oro

2800 yen

Arora Prov , Mt , Prov , Mindoro , Marinduque , Romblon , Palawan , Leyte , Catanduanes , Masbate

3500 yen


Delivery Time Frame






Luggage has a late thing in the transportation condition. 

 Our company will deliver BOX. 


Jumbo BOX, 1 piece and 600 yen

Half BOX, 1 piece, and 500 yen. 


I will receive it up to five by an order once. 


I will deliver it for the whole country

(Okinawa and the solitary island are excluded) and 800 yen


The delivery to Okinawa Prefecture is a carriage 2000 yen.

The picking up price is an increase to Okinawa Prefecture for 4500 yen. 



The cash on delivery commission is costing of 1000 yen.

 More to the prepaid shipping box along with the block is subjectof a \500 discount.


Payee: Post office(youcho bank/yubinkyoku)



kigoubangou  :  01970  6  44045  name:ケントキカク



bangou:44045      name:ケントキカク


kigou: 17270     bango : 09143861               name : キラ ケンジロウ


The new packing list

Download the packing list
Please use it to download
Itashimashitara download the packing list is completed, to, Please send us.
Microsoft Excelシート 53.5 KB
CARGO computer game machine (if you want to send)
download and use it
Microsoftワード文書 27.5 KB

Mangyaring tiyakin na ito ay ipinagbabawal na materyal.

Ito ay ang tanging bagay, kapag hindi mo alam pagkatapos ng kumpirmasyon, mangyaring makipag-ugnay sa amin.

Ay ipinapadala nang inilarawan sa listahan pagpapakete, kapag ito ay natagpuan, sa amin, bilang lamang ng object, maaari walang pananagutan.

  • Rice               : max. 0 kilos
  • Pornographic  materials : pictures,cd’s dvd’s vhs,cassette tapes,laser disc: 25 pcs limit
  • Buto o punla ng anumang uri ng halaman
  • Mga pagkaing nabubulok at madaling masira
  • Mga prutas o gulay
  • Gas bombe,battery ng sasakyan\charger
  • Fire extinguisher,ligther,machines na ginagamitan ng gasolina
  • Motorbikes at spare parts ng sasakyan (gulong, atbp.)
  • Toy guns
  • Mga bagay na nakakasakit {deadly weapons}
  • Kemika; na nakakalason
  • Flammable materials
  • Medicine\glutathione
  • Commercial items; cosmetics-whole box
  • Paint,oil,lubricants
  • Fertilizer\soil
  • Laptop-3 desktop -2 sets
  • Console -5
  • Welding machine
  • Air compressor\any kind
  • Water pump
  • Fireworks,grass cutter,samurai
  • Slot machine/generator
  • Banned for commercial
Prohibit, item
Microsoftワード文書 39.5 KB

It is written also in prohibited items, but fragile, please be packing by the attention in fragile packing. Fragile breakables, put in the center of the luggage, to reduce the impact, thank you. (Dropping the luggage, such as with a lift) from external, and by increasing get to that which can be identified with the shock, but is willing to consider a resolution in discussion, when you carry the luggage, there will be rolling up, down, left, or right you. Packing, ensure, to the contents of the gap, thank you.

BOX Order Form for personal computer
BOX Order Form for personal computer
BOX Order Form for cellular phone
BOX Order Form for cellular phone
PICK UP form for cellular phone
PICK UP form for cellular phone
PICK UP form for personal computer
PICK UP form for personal computer

When you pay the charge after picking up. 


I hope the transfer of the transportation price before picking up. 

The storage charge hangs if the transportation price cannot be transferred. 



Keeping period

Addition fee rate

For instance, when you keep the luggage of 10,000 yen.



0 yen



2500 yen



5000 yen



7500 yen



10000 yen



12500 yen

90 days~

15 days 25% UP